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[Avid-L2] Re: Resolve 12.5


I think it's important to think about which Teranex boxes we are talking about. BMD offers both the small mini-converters and the larger rack-mount models. The mini-converters have no relationship to what was marketed as the Teranex Mini before BMD. These small units are designed to fix single problems and may use some of the Teranex algorithms. Basically they carry the Teranex name. When you want to compare old versus new, compare the rack-mount models.

These units are designed for audio/video/TC in and out and handle a variety of functions. The largest model - the 3D processor - can also be used as a Thunderbolt i/o device. The three units don't all have exactly the same functions and of the functions they offer, these may or may not be identical to the previous Teranex models.

I have used both versions, before and after BMD; however, not side-by-side. To the best of my recollection what I'm seeing in the BMD version is the same as the older units, given the same features. For example, DV to HD with de-interlacing and mild NR, which will never look great, seems to look about as well on the BMD model as the older systems.

Remember that not all of the Teranex products were not reintroduced as BMD versions. Teranex used to offer an image restoration unit, which I used to remove dirt and hair from film transfers. That's no longer offered by BMD.

- Oliver

Oliver Peters - editor | colorist

I'm curious about Teranex in particular.  I don't run those boxes but in what I've heard from users of the current products and those of the pre Black Magic products it seemed like the cheaper Teranexs offered by Black Magic didn't perform as well as the older hardware units.  I'm not versed in their operation but it sure felt like yes they dropped the price but the features and quality dropped too for the users use to the older teranex product.  This is the impression I got in random conversations but do the Black Magic Teranex boxes off all the features of their predecessors.  Again I'm not a user of the products so I may be completely off the mark with what I have inferred over the past few years.  Please edjamacate me on this.


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