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[Avid-L2] File - FAQ AVID-L2.txt


Welcome to the Avid-L2
AVID-L II Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Subscribing (or unsubscribing) to the Avid-L2
Send an e-mail message to:

Or, to unsubscribe, send e-mail to:

Note that by subscribing, you are acknowledging that you have read
and understand this FAQ See below for additional detail.
Changing your e-mail address:
To change your e-mail - As this is a yahoo mailing list, you can re-set your non-yahoo email address from the web page.

Your options for member types can be reviewed on the group's home page. At any time, you can view messages on the web site for this group itself

Membership types are Indvidual messages, Digests of 25 messages each, special announcements only, or no mail at all.

To change your member type, visit the group web site and modify your membership type in the check boxes provided

Despite what email address or handle you use, you should register as a Yahoo user to participate in the Avid-L2, for access to the web features of this group.
Subscribers should set up an account with their legal first and last names, then send the request to join.
This is a Moderated list, and all subscription requests must be approved by the moderator(s). If you have a Yahoo account already that you would like to use, but doesn't contain your first and last names, please include your first and last name in the subscription request to the moderator when you request to join.

As always, Yahoo and the moderators of this list are not responsible for the use third parties may make of information you have made publicly available in this or any other public
forum. Please take a look at the applicable Yahoo Terms of Use and Privacy
Policy for more information about public information and forums.
Off Topic Filtering. Part of the interest of the Avid-L2 is it's range
of topics. If you are posting an Off-topic thread, please preface the
subject with OT: Use the colon after the letters.
Email filters and rules can be used by subscribers to move Off Topic posts to where ever they would like in their email organization by using a rule/filter with Sender of: and subject contains OT: .

The Avid-L is a helpful yet rough around the edges crowd. Topics that are not welcome are religion, politics, and other disruptive topics that interfere with the operation of the list. Moderation of these topics will be quick, so simply put- Let's all just play nice

Comercial Posts must be prefaced with [comercial] in the subject or they will be rejected.
Jobs should have [job] in their header, and press releases should have [pr] in their header


Avid-L was established in 1994 at Calvin College by Steven Koster.
It was created to be a forum for Avid users to meet, discuss, and share

Avid-L quickly grew into the premiere on-line users group for
professional film and video editors. It was one of the earliest examples

of an Internet community, allowing hundreds of editors worldwide to
share their experiences and expertise with their peers. There was no
better place for a professional Avid editor to get such wealth of
informed professional advice.

At various times, individual subscribers volunteered services to the
group. Searchable archives were maintained by Germany's Berlin Users
Group as well as the UIUC. A tips & tricks list was posted by Andy
Birkhead of Innovative Edit. Wes Plate, a longtime contributor, not only

shared key techniques on his Web site, he also created a photo gallery
for members' portraits.

In 1997, several subscribers began a tradition of meeting in person at
the NAB trade show in Las Vegas. The first gatherings were organized by Jaime Fowler. In 1999,
Avid Technology itself began sponsoring these gatherings as an exclusive reception and seminar for Avid-L members only. In 2002, this changed to the "Avid Users Group" meeting.

By 1999, Avid-L boasted over 1600 subscribers, exhibiting a true
international scope with over 300 international members. The community
included participants from a wide variety of well-known corporate
organizations in broadcasting, technical, and content creation fields,
as well as and multiple local TV stations, colleges, and universities.

In 2000, Avid-L joined, and then, in 2002, was integrated

In 2005 Due to problems with signal to noise ratio and abusive posters, the Avid-L2 was formed. A year later the Avid-L was discontinued by Avid.

At the middle of 2006, the L2 has around 1100 members, with plenty of "lurker only" members who simply use the web version of the list. The L2 is spam-free, by moderation and with Yahoo's tools and will remain that way. The integrated archives with both old L and L2 posts came on line recently as well at the University of Illinois. That can be found at

Cross-posting to the FCP-L is welcome, tho reply's will not flow back to either list necessarily- check your own email reply preferences. The Final Cut list is found at:

Welcome, and Enjoy!

With a Yahoo account tied to your subscription to the Avid-L2, you can use the web features of the Group.

Calendar Various Avid events are in the Calender. If you have an event you'd like posted, pull down and fill out the Calendar event request and send it to any Moderator

Database - The database area contains Avid Feature requests, Help Wanted, Freelance Listings and For Sale sections. Feel free to add your listings to any of these areas. Job Postings will remain up for 1 month. Please date all postings to the database areas, being pertinent is a good way to be.

Files- The files section contains various sundry files, including the latest Avid release notes. Check back often for changes.

Photos - Pictures of your Avid setup are welcome, or pictures relating to a post you need a photo to explain. Photos will be posted after moderator approval. Who knows, your picture might grace the front page for a while.

Links- Various helpful links, including direct links to Avid CPR releases can be found here, also the link to the archives.


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this is the Avid-L2