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Re: [Avid-L2] OT - Online viewing Services on Local PC


Plus 1 for Crush FTP, great product, great price and great support. Ben at Crush FTP is one of the best support people out there.



We are using Crush FTP.. pretty cheap, from a couple of hundred dollars up depending on a few options. Very customisable All GUI so easy to set up.. Works on anything Win/Mac/linux .. We have ours on an ex avid 8400.. The benefits are we control it completely and we can have as much storage as we like for no more money




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Just out of curiosity what FTP server setup are you using? Are you using something like the standard ftp services within linux/mac? Or are you using one of the packages that I've seen that try to take a lot of the separate services and tie them in to one?


We use cloud based for clients - but I still like FTP for SOME transfers. 


(I am just running proftpd on a linux box with a GUI to make my life a little easier)


If it's more appropriate off-list I'm happy to discuss there.



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I guess it depends on the type of work you do.


I’m not ever expecting any more the a dozen people to watch links and I have a 100M pipe so streaming makes virtually no impact on that.  What does make an impact is cost of storage with cloud solutions so I have lots of bandwidth and lots of storage which means I’ve already paid for a lot of what the cloud solution are offering. The other thing that we have found with cloud solutions is we aren’t in charge of software upgrades so randomly things change which I can’t schedule or control which isn’t ideal for me.

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I run our own FTP server and that works a dream and  is probably a 20th of the cost of an online equivalent given the use we give it. There is a plethora of FTP server solutions available for locally installed servers but nothing I can find that is similar for online viewing…


I guess horses for courses and all that..




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A cloud service means you don’t have to say,  “Sorry,  somebody sent a link to the press, and since everyone in the world is using our streaming server and internet connectivity, we can’t get your show delivered to  G4 TV.




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Ah but it is a cloud service basically..




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Try  takeoff

I have used it and really like it, and the price seems reasonable.


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File Sharing

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Hi there


We’d like to have an online viewing approval site similar to lots of the online offerings but hosted on a local PC . Now internet speeds are so fast there is actually very little need for this to be a cloud service for us and in fact the cloud services are more expensive and slower than we could do it locally. But while there are lots of relatively cheap and very comprehensive FTP server products to host locally there seem to be no similar things for approval sites. Anyone found anything and using it successfully.











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