Saturday, June 23, 2012

Re: [Avid-L2] Symphony Nitris IO card not seen in Lion 10.7.4


Hmmmmnn. Anyone else building one of these Nitris Symphony upgrade
specials on Lion 10.7.4?

It's not going so well here.

RT wrote:

> (A continuation of the "Lion Install" saga featuring OS 10.7.4 and
> Symphony 6.01.1.)
> This Snow Leopard system had Avid MC 5.5 and Aja IOX uninstalled and
> was then upgraded to Lion 10.7.4 with Symphony 6.01.1
> Symphony "software only" runs great, including AMA plugins, but the
> Nitris DX IO board in slot 4 will not show up in the system profiler.
> Thus the new Nitris hardware will not work.
> Details:
> Macpro Nehalem dual quad core, running 64bit kernel and extensions. 20
> Removed all other boards and tried the Avid card in all slots.
> The Nitris PCIe HIB has power and cable light. The Nitris has a yellow
> Host light. (error).
> Efforts to run the DX HW test fail with an unexpected error.
> The Avid 64bit boot switch was run.
> The Avid software and drivers were reinstalled and permissions corrected
> on boot drive.
> Still, the Avid 64bit driver for the IO card does not appear to be
> loading. Can anyone shed light on this?
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