Saturday, April 28, 2012

[Avid-L2] Advice for restoring old project


I'm helping a client restore an old project. The media is AVR4s on SCSI drives. I'm able to copy all the media to newer drives, and the picture works fine. However, the AUDIO files, though labeled as .omf are quarantined during scanning. I assumed they're SD2 files, given the age of the project, yet if play them using another application (quicktime, VLC, something less... uh... discerning) they play fine and sound correct. Further, if relabel them as .aif files, then import them into media composer, they play correctly, but, of course, they're not linked to the original picture file.

How do I get these files NOT to quarantine, and also to relink with the picture? Is there an old assistant trick I can use? Obviously they'd like to get their working cut back (the project opens OK) and there's a boatload of source footage - so hand-linking all the audio isn't really practical, though I tested it, and merely by matching duration and tape number with the file name, it's not impossible to find the right audio for the right picture. (Thought that doesn't relink the audio into the cut.)


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