Saturday, June 4, 2011

[Avid-L2] Re: Pan and Zoom Avid really you can't fix this?


Yes moving pictures is nice but it has quirks too. The biggest problem is cost. When they have 20 bays that would need moving pictures you can bet the Bean Counters will just say use Pan and Zoom cause some Bonehead will say, "Avid has Pan and Zoom for stills." Mind you the people who make these decisions have no idea of how much they end up spending in extra man hours for work flow issues like this. I'm not asking for major upgrade to Pan and Zoom just some basic bug fixes and gotchas that can't be that hard to achieve.

--- In, Jeff Krebs <rockinjeff@...> wrote:
> Use Stagetools. You won't crash, you'll render fast and you'll have control.
> and you'll never have to use pan and zoom again.
> On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 12:45 AM, John Moore <bigfish@...> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Back in the trenches with a stills heavy season opener and I just can't
> > fathom the lack of attention Pan and Zoom has been given since it was
> > introduced. I know the old, "it was made over a weekend by an Avid engineer
> > to facilitate a home video he was working on" line but it's been out a long
> > time now. These aren't new but I feel I should reiterate them. When pan
> > and zoom is already linked to low res stills and there is not slug
> > underneath there is no prompt to give you still number information to help
> > find the high res source. This is a real pain. Then when you find the high
> > res still if all the keyframes are highlighted and you select the still the
> > move is nuked, you have to make sure only one keyframe is highlighted to
> > preserve the move. This is not only unintuitive but really lethal when an
> > AE has relinked the stills and now you have no moves in online. This is as
> > bad as the 100th auto save bug a while back, or at least close. Then
> > when you don't redirect the source for the pan and zoom the render requires
> > a second render to get the full quality. Again this is not intuitive at all
> > and sometimes it's hard to tell if you need to rerender to get full
> > quality. The way pan and zoom works is pathetic. I appreciate the ability
> > to get to the full res stills but really Avid this is the best you can do?
> > In comparison the Title Tool looks like a Chyron Infinite relative to the
> > poor implementation of pan and zoom. To be fair moving pictures has it's
> > quirks but come on Avid help me find the source data without having to take
> > things off line.
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