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Re: [Avid-L2] Re: Simple Question About International Blu - ray


perhaps with fluorescent light, but we don't use that in our living rooms...


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Subject: [Avid-L2] Re: Simple Question About International Blu - ray

In Europe when playing a 60I or other ntsc vinage DVD/BD are you likely to
see flicker or some other anomalies when surrounding lighting sources are 50

--- In, "Job ter Burg (L2B)" <Job_L2@...> wrote:
> Pretty sure that a lot of commercial BD's here are in a lot of different
> formats. They tend to be hooked up to HDMI capable TV's, that will support
> all those formats 23.976p, 24p, 25p, 50i, 60i.
> On 6 mei 2011, at 22:19, chris magid wrote:
> > Need to make a limited amount of Blu-ray disks for foreign use.
> >
> > France
> > Germany
> > Japan
> >
> > Not quite clear on the actual video format needed to put on the discs
> > for each
> > market?
> >
> > Presently the program is U.S. Blu - ray 1080i. As mastered from an Avid
> > 1080i HD
> > project.

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