Saturday, February 19, 2011

Re: [Avid-L2] Re: Symphony owners?


Aw, come on John, you have your very own Symphony, don't you? When was the last time someone asked you to CC with the emasculated MC color effect?

Thankfully, no one's asked me but once to do something quite that ridiculous, at least, not in the online world. Let's just say I'd have to be pretty hungry to say yes to that again!


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Subject: [Avid-L2] Re: Symphony owners?

Not fun to do but I don't always have the luxury to decline work just because I

don't like the tool. Come to think of it I virtually never have a good reason

to decline work these days but I do feel your pain.

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> <<I had to CC a feature documentary on MC only once, and I'll never consent to

do that again. >>




> Seconded!!!!!



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