Saturday, February 5, 2011

[Avid-L2] Lost Transfer Settings


Dear L2 Listers,
I was setting up the process for the Avid MC5/Isis 5000 to transfer mxf files between the edit trailers and the F&F Remote trucks for a World Cup Biathlon up in Presque Isle, Maine. Loaded all the EVS Avid Tools software on both sides and configured Transfer manager and transfer client the file started to transfer and then stopped. it was determined by EVS that Avid transfer engine 2.2.0 is not supported by EVS. I uninstalled Avid Transfer Engine 2.2.0, installed Transfer Engine 2.1.0, Transfer Client 2.1.0 and now the transfer line under project setting had dissapeared. I can not get it back, tried reloading all the Avid transfer software, no luck. Avid is suggesting I delete MC5, Transfer files, etc and reload. I am very leary about doing this since the MC5 I have been trying to use to link with EVS is also the machine I am using as the Isis 5000 administrator with four clients attached. Any thoughts on how to get back the transfer setting?

Avid MC5
Transfer Engine 2.1.0
Transfer Client 2.1.0
EVS Xfile 2.13.04
EVS XT2 10.03.39

Thanks for reading and for any help provided
Gregg Foster

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