Saturday, December 18, 2010

[Avid-L2] Re: The "tape is dead" thread


Ah, but remember that in the film days, stock was so damn expensive that the camera guys rarely had anything extra shot for fear of using a few extra feet and getting yelled at.

The one thing about tape delivery is it assures what u see is what u get. Too many times I've exported to hard drive and I've mispunched an output setting or they've mispunched an input setting.

It's a lot like the Nova example about why we may have missed signals from aliens and they from us. Too many chances for things to get screwed up. Everyone thinks their shop's way is the industry standard since their is no standard.

What I put on my hd cam in Chicago will come out the same in New York, LA, Toledo, Tacoma and Tuscaloosa.

Mark Anderson

Pretty sure it's what Murch writes in In The Blink Of An Eye, but he was
talking about KEM's, where they would assemble their rushes in 10-min reels.

I'll admit having copied that technique. I create a sequence of all shots
and takes for a certain scene. I use that to watch the footage, and make
notes (add markers), and I use it later, flipping through the sequence to
quickly determine what's in there.

Job ter Burg
film editor - NL

Mark Anderson

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